Tennis Court Repairing2

Tennis Court

A game of tennis on a hardcourt is especially enjoyable, but only because a great amount of time and energy does into making the court in the first place! Just like a road, a hardcourt is made of several layers. These layers consist of various aggregates, which are mixtures or combinations of crushed stone, gravel and sand. There is a great advantage in the asphalting of tennis courts, although there is a disadvantage as well. The advantage is that unlike other surfaces, they require very low maintenance. This means that all you need to do is pay for the initial purchase. Subsequent costs of repairing are almost negligible. You can save a lot.

However, there is a disadvantage as well. Asphalt tennis courts deteriorate as time passes by. This means that you will need to repair the surface at regular intervals if you want to have perfect playing conditions. The deterioration happens due to the effects of the weather and regular playing. You can see for yourself when it happens since the color shall fade away slowly, and cracks appear on the surface. Even though you may not care much about the paint, you should care about the surface itself. This is because a cracked surface shall not only severely limit your performance, but may also cause injuries. For this reason, it is essential for resurfacing or repairing asphalt tennis courts every 5 years.