Melbourne School Yard

School Yard

Constructing or repairing a school yard is challenging to say the least, but our company is always ready for such projects. We use not only the latest equipment and machinery, but also the latest and most effective techniques, so that your project can be completed by the deadline, without affecting the work quality adversely. The constructing school yard is challenging due to the area in question. However, our company makes things much easier for you. We start working after the school hours, which means that the kids from your school will not be at risk.

Melbourne Asphalting specializes in schoolyard asphalt layering. You can also avail our services if you wish to have the surface repairing or for regular maintenance. We employ a team of well qualified and highly experienced personnel. Although they have years of experience with them, we provide periodic training to keep their skills and knowledge on the edge.

We conduct such projects with a special degree of care. We take care that no kids can come near the construction site, for instance. We are also professional and well with other subcontracted teams.