Driveways are essential add-ons to your home, or more specifically to your garage. Since these are made of asphalt, you need to employ a professional company, which knows what it is doing. Such a company needs to have several years of experience.

Like any other surface made of asphalt, driveways are made up of several layers. The main layer of the surface is the granular base. One needs the surface to maintain a correct thickness and the appropriate composition. Generally, the layer is composed of crushed stone, asphalt and concrete. An interesting feature of the layer is that jagged surfaces are sought out so that they can lock together, which makes the process easier. In order to hold all the different materials together, cement dust is added. This is coarse and drains water, which in turn does not allow ice to form.
The process of making an asphalt driveway is interesting. First, heavy machines tear the old driveway away. The contractor makes a careful examination of the base. If uneven sections need to be removed, it is done so. The important thing is to make the base layer uniform and even, which later helps during the pouring of asphalt. According to experts, the thickness of base needs to be between 8 inches to 4 inches. This depends on the nature of the soil. For instance, if the it has a clay soil, then the thickness needs to be 8 inches, but when the soil is well drained and sandy in nature, the thickness can be 4 inches.

Making each surface of the driveway compact is important. This is done by machines to give that uniform look.