Melbourne Drainage Construction


Drainage is important for the roads as this drain any rainwater or other fluid off the surface. However, making a drainage system takes months, a great deal of planning and a lot of hard work. Drains are not only on the sides of roads, but are also made for fields, rooftops or almost any other place you wish to have drained regularly. These links to the main drain or act as the main drain themselves.

The procedure for the construction of a drainage system is unique and interesting. One may think that all there is to it is digging up some dirt, placing a few pipes, linking them and burying everything back. But this is far from the truth. There is much more to the construction of a drainage system.

First of all, the alignment is made and is marked out by the project supervisor. The alignment refers to the direction and shape of the trench to be built. The second stage is that of digging or excavation. This is done generally with the help of heavy machines. The third step is that of installing concrete blinding on the edges. These help to keep the pressure of the soil away. The last step is the placement of iron rods for double reinforcement.